I am an experienced freelance web designer and graphic designer with more than 15-years experience. I have held several high-profile positions in my home country of the Netherlands (Amsterdam), gaining real-world experience in a range of different commercial settings.

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Web Design

I meet with the client to discuss at length exactly what is required from a website or web application. I take care of everything; from building the database to graphic design.

Front-end development

I use several front-end tools to create websites and web applications that users can access with ease. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other modern frameworks.

UI/UX design

I specialize in UI/UX design for websites and mobile apps, making the user experience for the user fast, logical and rewarding. Using various web tools, languages and software packages.

Graphic Design

Using tools such as Photoshop, I create the building blocks of any attractive website — visual components. Whether it’s an illustration or a page title, I design professional graphics that bring websites and applications to life.

Mobile apps

I have extensive experience in developing mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. I develop responsive websites, as well as dedicated mobile sites and apps — according to the specific needs of each client.

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