I am an experienced and fully certified UI/UX designer and web developer with more than 15 years’ experience in website development. I have held several high-profile positions in my home country of the Netherlands, gaining real-world experience in a range of different commercial settings.

During a successful and rewarding career so far, I have developed a range of skills — all related to creating attractive, user-friendly business websites that attract visitors and deliver conversions. I’m proficient in the use of Photoshop, JavaScript, SEO, CSS, Wordpress, HTML and various other tools related to the creation of effective web facilities.

As well as being an accomplished web designer, I am also a certified mobile app designer. The work I do is all based in the world of digital marketing, so I also possess knowledge of SEO and the business side of the Internet. I create web applications that look great and work effortlessly, but I’m always aware that they need to deliver traffic, conversions and new customers.

After holding down several positions in Amsterdam, I’m now a freelance web designer based in Dubai. I currently work in marketing and digital design as a freelancer, and I’m available for design projects of all sizes and varieties.

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